15 December 2016

What it takes to become a professional escort

The following information is to help you understand how and what it takes to become a professional Escort. This guide has been put together by the girls representing us in Surrey and provides some useful insights on choosing to work as an elite courtesan.

It is not easy when deciding to become an Escort, like with every decision in life it can have its drawbacks as well as benefits. As a collection of professional companions working in the UK, we know better than most. It's amazing to draw affection from men

It is a personal kind of career and it can be great a thing as well as a bad thing. You have to have a strong personality to become an escort and to continue being an escort.

Everything will become apparent when you start reading and also you will also get tips and advice. Remember, if you do decide to become a courtesan, come live in the South East and join the ranks of our elite escort service!

Iris from the Angels Escorts Surrey

Think it through: Do you want to work in the adult industry?

If you are thinking about becoming an escort you really need to take some time to consider, escorting is not something that can always be started and stopped.

You will have posted your images online, set up galleries and a digital footprint, and even if your face is blurred out, that’s only going to discourage potential clientele. It is incredibly difficult to take it all back and take it all down. In fact, it's nearly impossible to completely erase your online presence and therefore you have to accept this before making any decisions.

Before you start taking selfies and uploading them, you need to ask yourself:

  • Am I ready to have a career in Escorting? It is a big step, and it's not for everyone.
  • Would you enjoy being paid to be a companion to someone? The most valued trait in a companion is enthusiasm, and if you are lacking you will lose future bookings.
  • Would I tell my family and friends and are you prepared for their reaction? How will they react to knowing that you are a call girl?
  • Would you be able to handle, if any, any emotional effect from being an escort? As with any career, the escort industry has ups and downs and can be very stressful and sometimes even scary. You need a rock solid temperament to weather it all.
  • Would you become an escort for money or fun? The best escorts obviously enjoy both sides of things, but before you take the plunge it's important to ascertain exactly what reason you want to escort for.

Decide on a clear reason to become an escort

Not everyone becomes an escort by choice, some do it to pay the rent, some girls are strong armed into it by pimps. If you are reading this article you have a choice. There is absolutely no point jumping onto back page to meet a bunch of punters and realising you aren't cut out for the job. While meeting a client for an hour is easy money, the downsides of being a companion can be equally harsh, if not more severe.

What are the benefits of becoming an Escort?

  • It may make you feel sexy.
  • You get paid by the hour.
  • You work when you want to. You never have to wake up early in the morning, you don't have to sit in an office from 9-5, and you never have to work as hard as anyone else.
  • No strings attached dating If you are hunting for a new partner in life, you might just find one!
  • It is extraordinarily well paid, receive more money than people who have been climbing the ladder their entire lives!

What are the disadvantages of becoming an Escort?

  • It's almost impossible to separate from your personal life entirely.
  • While escorting is accepted in modern society, expect to be frowned upon by a significant amount of people who know you are a working girl
  • Your personal relationships and potential romantic partners will rarely see you being an escort as a good thing.
  • It can be degrading at times if you do not uphold a standard of ethics.

Always learn the rules.

  • Safety is extremely important and keeps your body safe and healthy.
  • Money should never be exchanged and a donation will be left for you discreetly in the hotel room.
  • You can say no. some people may be upset, but stay firm with your answer, no is no.
  • Enjoy the time you have with the person you are with.

Have a brilliant personality.

Becoming an escort is not right for everyone, as people want relationships for love or commitment and is important to be able to define your personal and professional realities. Being a good courtesan is half about your adult performance and half about being the person that the client wants you to be.

  • Decide on your own limitations and rules.
  • Ask yourself honestly your ability to handle this work
  • A role like this is more suited to an individual who likes the single life and their distance from others.
  • You need to be able to communicate well and understand someone’s needs.

Do your research.

If you have truly settled on the route of becoming a professional companion, the first important goal is to conduct extensive research.

Are you going to work independently by yourself? Or would you feel more comfortable working with a local escort agency?

Fail to do your research properly and you will end up not paid, having your time wasted, and in some cases in actual danger! We recommend you find well-run agencies that put their employee's needs first and take good care of you.

  • Check their security arrangements. Do they have drivers?
  • Check their vetting system of clients. Do they let anyone book you on a whim? Or do they establish your safety first?
  • Check how much you will earn. Due to the fringe nature of escorting, you need to know how much you will be paid so you don't get ripped off.
  • See if you click with the agency and get on with them. Working for an agency is like working at any business, you will have a boss, and you will have girls as colleagues too. Make sure you like them.
  • If you decide to work independently, realise that it will be harder and make you more vulnerable. Independent escorts get a bad rep as unprofessional, and that's a hard stereotype to banish.

Working for yourself: The benefits.

  • You keep all your money. That's 100% profit, a very hard percentage to argue with.
  • You pick your clients. If you don't like the sound of a customer you don't have to meet him.
  • You set your prices. How much is your service worth? Do you think you can get away with charging elite prices?
  • You pick your days off. 

The drawbacks of working for yourself.

  • You do not have the security of working with an agency.
  • You need screen your client the correct way.
  • You have to market yourself
  • You are alone with a stranger you do not know.

The benefits of working with an Agency.

  • You have a team of people watching out for your safety at all times when you work.
  • The clients are screened before you meet.
  • The company you work for does all the marketing.
  • You will meet other ladies in the same field that can talk and offer their experiences with you.

The drawbacks of working for an Agency.

  • Part of your money you have to give to the Agency.
  • You might be asked to work when you do not want to.
  • You have a boss. A boss with their own set of rules which you will have to follow.


Always tell someone where you are going and what time you finish!

Ways to screen your clients.

  • Make sure you write down all your client information.
  • Ask if the client has seen an escort before.
  • Check his details with the escort blacklist database.
  • You can make sure they are not a known sex offender by looking on National Sex Offender Registry.

Whilst working independently or for an agency a level of advertising needs to be done for yourself. When working for on your own, finding the right kind of client can prove awkward, because you are competing against large companies that have more resources than you.

Below are some helpful tips on promoting yourself:

  • Escort review boards are a great start.
  • Build a website and blog.
  • Take out some personal ads on and offline.
  • Ask for referrals from current clients.
  • Email marketing.
  • Use some Social Media like Twitter to interact with local punters.

If you have found this guide useful and are interested in working as one of the high-class ladies with the Angels, we operate in Surrey, Guildford, Gatwick Airport, Woking, Berkshire, and a variety of areas around the South East of London.

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The information in this article is loosely based on this "Be a Professional Escort" guide from Wikihow. However, the present information has been adjusted by the Angels Escorts Surrey for accuracy and expanded upon so it is more factual and useful to readers. We find that in reality, our guide is closer to the truth.